Switching Gears – February 2022

Like everyone, Hope IT must adapt to COVID. We are switching gears.

We are replacing our February in-person Introduction to Robotics course with an on-line Introduction to Data Analysis course. We will offer the robotics course when in-person classes become possible. COVID or no COVID, Hope IT will continue to support underserved students with relevant learning opportunities.

This Data Analysis course has 2 students and starts this Saturday, and will use Google’s Data Studio to create dashboards.  (See the screen shot and the embeded dashboard below). This is our second presentation of this course. Mark and I work with data and data analysis in our professional positions, and this skill leads to real jobs.

In IT, data is how many organizations and companies see the world and make their decisions. With moderate time and effort, students will get a feel of what it is like to work with data. As always, it is taught with faith, fellowship, and love.

Even though we are changing from Robotics to Data Analysis…seems like we are switching gears…our two-fold message is the same. First, it is possible for students that do not normally get opportunities to learn tech, and to gain these skills. Second, God has been in our past, walking with us now, and intends a good future for us all.

Please join us to continue to pray for our underserved students, and their families, as well as the Hope IT team.

–Mike Veerman
Hope IT team lead
Web site: HopeIT.net

Hope IT student Data Studio dashboard
Olivia’s dashboard created in Data Studio