Our Hope IT courses are geared for beginners.  We offer our courses in October, February and June.  We meet for 4 Saturday mornings in these months, and each session is about 2 hours long.  You’ll be amazed how quickly you can learn new skills, and we think you will have fun.  Join us, and sign up for our next course (by contacting your organization or church leader.)

Hope IT course coming up:

Our next course coming up in February 2023 will be covering WordPress, creating websites.  This will be an on-line course, as we anticipate the COVID spread to increase, so we want to minimize in-person contact.  Reach out if your students are interested.  In June 2023, we will work on a virtual robot finding its way out of mazing, using the Python programming language, see this link for an overview.

Courses offered in the past:  

We log the Hope IT courses held in the past here for others to both learn from, both to assist others to teach students, as well as students to learn from on their own:

Hope IT also had the privilege to teach 2 courses for 6 weeks each, meeting on Wednesday nights with students at Stars in Pasadena.  We taught WordPress both times, in Oct/Nov 2020, and again in Jan/Feb 2021.

Last, in September 2021, we had a Basic Computer Skills course for 15 Liberian (Africa) students.  How do you guide students that have never touched a computer before?  What if a Hope IT student taught this course?  That is exactly what happened!

Learn how to type at  It’s always helpful to be better at typing.