Our Hope IT courses are geared for beginners.  We offer our courses in October, February and June.  We meet for 4 Saturday mornings in these months, and each session is about 2 hours long.  You’ll be amazed how quickly you can learn new skills, and we think you will have fun.  Join us, and sign up for our next course (by contacting your organization or church leader.)

Hope IT course coming up:

Introduction to Data Analysis will be our course in February 2021.  This will be an on-line course.  Review a bit more details in this post.

Courses offered in the past:  

We log the Hope IT courses held in the past here for others to both learn from, both to assist others to teach students, as well as students to learn from on their own:

Learn how to type at  It’s always helpful to be better at typing.


Hope IT Poetry Pi course in 2019
Poetry Pi course in 2019 creating cameras out of Raspberry Pis