HTML: Create your first Web pages

In June 2018, Hope IT offered a course to show students how to create web pages using HTML.

Below are a few of the lesson plans we used.  We met on 4 Saturdays, for 2 hours each Saturday.



HTML-LessonPlan-Week2 (bonus)

What we learned:

  • Even though HTML provides immediate feedback on changes made, the syntax of HTML is still not very friendly to newcomers. This was our very first course..even we learned.  We admit: there is a better way to teach creating websites to students, so you can see we switched to teaching WordPress, a much better tool to get students to see how easy creating a website can be.
  • After Week 2, we altered our plans, and went more with a group approach to make sure all the students were able to use HTML to change their web pages.
  • What we should have done from the beginning is have the students design their web pages on a piece a paper, and then go about stepping them through some of the basic HTML tags to make those web pages come alive.  That would have helped create ownership and passion to see the student’s website  develop.