Hope IT was very excited to offer our SQL/database course, which is also our very first Intermediate course.  We want to get into this subject, to allow our more advanced students to gain skills that are widely used in the IT industry, almost in every IT department.  Read this InfoWorld article to see how SQL is so widely used.  You have to know this, and having SQL skills give you a boost to enter the new position with some familiarity.

In March 2024, this course was on-line as our one student lives far away.  Maybe the next time we offer this course — which we hope is soon — we will have this in-person.

We have posted our slides, and SQL examples in the Hope IT public gitlab site, see the link below.  You’ll find all the material to learn, and review what we covered.


We had fun with SQL, but using an example of the one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater song, back in the 1958, see the video in this link.  We use this example to find all the different ways to describe creatures, some one-eyed, some two-eyed, some one-horned, some many with many horns, some purple, and some other different colors.  That’s why we need a database to track them all…and SQL to help us find this information from the database!

As our first course was on-line, we used DB-Fiddle.com (a SQL database emulator) to run the SQL.  (We used PostgreSQL v15.)  On the right is a sample.  On the left, we placed our CREATE TABLE and INSERT scripts, and on the right, we entered our SQL statements — SELECTs in this case.  On the bottom, we get our results…or resultsets.  See the purple arrows in the picture on the right.