Hope IT gratefully does not need much financial support.  We have volunteers, and most of our courses use free applications and tools.  However, as we expand what we do, we find we need funding.  Read below how your donation can make an impact in the lives of the youth that Hope IT interacts with. 

You can donate using the button below.  You can donate using your Credit Card, or directly from your bank account.  If you like step-by-step instructions to use the “Donate” button below, click here.  The key is to select “Ministry of Hope IT” when you donate, so Hope IT receives your donation.


If you prefer to mail a check, please write “Ministry of Hope IT” in the memo line, and mail your check to Bridges at this address: 466 Foothill Blvd. # 320, La Canada, CA 91011

Bridges is Hope IT’s fiscal sponsor.  Bridges allows Hope IT to receive tax deductible donations.  In accordance with IRS guidelines for maintaining your ability to deduct your contribution from your taxes, through donating on this site, you acknowledge that the Board of Directors of Bridges retains sole discretion for directing funds in accordance with the mission of Bridges.

Here is where we use funds:

  • Laptops: In the past, we had the laptops for our courses provided by a local educational institution.  However, with COVID, things are changing.  Laptops are harder to come up.  Hope IT is beginning to find we need to buy our own laptops.  You can also donate your unused laptops.
  • You can sponsor one of our courses, in regards to the equipment/kits we use.  This ranges from $200 to $500.  For some courses, we let the students take these kits with them after the course.
    • Robotic kits
    • Raspberry Pis
    • Flashdrives
  • Sponsor our internship for $500.  This is a 4 week paid internship, for 5 hours per week.  This internship gives our Hope IT student real-world work experience.  You know this can transform how a young person thinks about their future.
  • We purchase one-time teaching equipment.  For example, we need a projector and a projection screen.
  • We have paid students to teach courses.  This help motivate them to use their growing skills to help other kids to gain skills of their own.  $200 allows for one student to assist in a course, allowing them to use their gained skills to earn funds.  This is a first step to both reward them for their investment to learn skills, and motivate them to gain more skills.

In-Kind Gifts:

If you like to donate an in-kind gift, such as used laptops, we can definitely use those for our courses.  Laptops are our highest need.