Hope IT is only effective because of our partners.  We need each other, and work together, to provide courses and opportunities, and to show God’s love to underserved kids in the Pasadena and surrounding areas.  Hope IT is so grateful for our partners.

Knox Presbyterian Church
Knox Presbyterian Church supports Hope IT financially, provides the rooms for our courses, prays for and encourages the Hope IT team.






Door of Hope
Door of Hope’s youth in their network to have attended Hope IT courses, internship, and events. Hope IT had a Robotics course just for the Door of Hope students in April 2023.

Bridges is Hope IT’s fiscal sponsor, so Hope IT can receive tax-deductible donations. Bridges also provides monthly coaching for Hope IT. Last but not least, Bridges also offers an internship for Hope IT students for the last 2 years.

Stars has been a partner of Hope IT for a few years now. Hope IT has offered 3 courses just for Stars students, such as WordPress (twice) and Roblox. Stars also encourages their students to attend Hope IT courses.