October course – WordPress

Hope IT will offer a WordPress course in October.  Our team is a little low on energy, and I know everyone is finding ways to make it through this time.  We think it is critical to continue to have a course, and allow students to have opportunities to learn and expand their skills.

Even though we covered WordPress in June, we think this is still a great course, so we are offering it again.  WordPress allows you to make web sites quickly, easily.  It is used by 30% of web sites, and knowing how it works can allow one to find those skills very useful.

WordPress also uses No Code Development, which means, you don’t need to know programming to use WordPress.  I think it may surprise students to see how this is all done; the basics are not that hard, and the secret is anyone can create web sites.  That’s why we want to cover this again.

WordPress course in June

We are grateful to have a WordPress course in June.  It has started with 2 students, and we look to add 2 more in Week 2.  This course is on-line, using GoToMeeting.  It’s a little more difficult, but learning how to create web sites using WordPress allows us to learn and instruct remotely.   We are covering Themes, Plugins, and creating web pages and blogs using Elementor, reviewing statistics of those visiting our web sites, search optimizations, and security.

We are also reflecting on the Word of God, and can realize it uses a remote learning style: learn about God while He does not seem near.  But as we read Scripture, we begin to realize: The Word of God speaks to what is happening all around us, with COVID, protests, justice, creative power, as well as God’s calling and promises.

CyberSecurity course cancelled

Sadly, Hope It had to cancel the CyberSecurity course due to COVID19.  We will try offer this course next school year.

We will plan to have a course in June, most likely covering WordPress, creating web sites.  We will post our plans in late April, and will explore if we can teach this remotely/on-line, if that is needed.  More to come.  Be safe!

CyberSecurity course starting in March 2020

Hope IT has offered 2 courses this school year: 1) Creating games on Android phones, and 2) Solving mazes using Python.

We are pleased to offer an Intro to CyberSecurity, partnering with students from Cal Poly Pomona.  This is on the Intermediate level.  Begin to be learn key topics on how companies and governments work to protect their systems, and data.

Hope IT – Plans for 2019-2020

Hope IT plans to offer a few courses this school year.

1) In October, we’ll be showing how to create simple Games on Android phones, thanks to MIT’s work to build AppInventor.  We show you have to create 2 games.  There is still time to sign up!

2) In February, we plan to offer a basic course on Python, which is becoming a widely used programming language.

3) In March/April, we are trying to see if we can collaborate with a few Cal Poly Pomona students to hold a CyberSecurity course.  Stay tuned for that!