2 February courses completed

Hope IT finished 2 on-line courses in February.  It was a full time for us, despite COVID.

First, we finished our Data Analysis course, meeting on 4 Saturdays mornings.  We used Google’s Data Studio, and covered 3 datasets: our own course member’s Cell Phone Ownership data to start, and 2 datasets from Kaggle, Video Game Sales and COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University.  We covered basic statistical functions –like Minimum, Maximum, Counts, Sums, Mean (Average) and Median — and created Bar, Line and Geo charts.  We also covered how to avoid dirty tricks with statistics, and how Data Science uses data to make future predictions.

Second, we finished a second WordPress course with Stars.  This was a 6 week course, meeting on Wednesday nights.  We had 3 students, and covered Themes — the Astra Theme — and Plugins, like the Elementor page builder,  WP Power Stats to track users visiting our site, Yoast SEO, and even a eCommerce plugin, Easy Digital Download.  And on top of all that, this course was co-taught by a student that took the October WordPress course; more on that later.